A Brief Biography of John Jarrett

John Jarrett and his wife Lewrannah Baker (1792-1878), the parents of Andrew Mayberry, Thomas Morris, and other Jarrett descendants, moved with his family to Monogalia County, VA around 1811. They lived in its eastern district near Iceís Ferry. They had six sons and four daughters. Census records show John Jarrett remained in Monongalia County. In 1810 he was probably the male age 26-45 who lived with his father William Jarrett. John Jarrett is listed in Monongalia County tax records starting in 1811. That year John "Jarrard" (misspelling are common in various court records) had 1 white tithable. In 1832 John Jarrett had 3 tithables and 2 horses. He is last listed in 1840 with 4 horses.

John was a prolific builder. He constructed numerous mills in West Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania. He served as millwright for the Cheat Neck Iron Works and built the waterwheel at the "Old Furnace" at Quarry Run. John passed this skill to his sons William, Thomas, & Andrew who in various census records list their occupations as millwrights.

Andrew Jarrett

John was also a large landowner. He bought 87 acres, 37 perches on the Cheat River from John Norris Baker on 28 April 1828, and various other land purchases throughout his life. Johnís will is dated 11 May 1840 making his sons William N. and John N. Jarrett his executors. John Jarrett died on 1 June 1840. Lewrannah outlived John by many years, and was well provided for by her deceased husband. When she died on 18 October 1878, she left five tracts of land with 123 1/2 acres to her heirs. Lewrannah is buried in the Old Zion Church Cemetery next to her husband, John Jarrett.

Biography courtesy of Dave Farner, a descendant of Thomas Jarrett

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