July, 2004

Photographs by Pat Burg and Rob Spencer
Edited by Pat

Photographs taken on Lake Powell
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motor doesn't have to work
Fishing isn't quite so good on shore, but the motor doesn't have to work!

wonderful vistas
Rob's hiking revealed some wonderful vistas

Rob's wonderful photos
Another of Rob's wonderful photos.

lakescapes, landscapes and moonscapes
Lake Powell offers wonderful lakescapes, landscapes and moonscapes along with some wonderful light conditions.

That tiny figure is Judy
That tiny figure is Judy - her low carb plan is working. Rob and Judy discovered this cave on a hike. Since the lake is down, there're just more wonderful sights!

Nearly all on the houseboat rushed for their cameras for this moonrise.

sand sculpture
Amazing architectural sand sculpture - amazing, the variety of sights at Lake Powell!

Rob captured a rainbow during a thunder storm.

The heavens reveal the Glory of God
Look up! The heavens reveal the Glory of God!

beaching crew
Lift that bale and tote that anchor - Judy and Sheryl were part of the beaching crew.

partially submerged submarine
Doesn't this look like a partially submerged submarine?

The bane of anglers!
The bane of anglers!

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