July, 2004

Photographs by Pat Burg and Rob Spencer
Edited by Pat

Photographs taken on Lake Powell
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Powell Cup

Sunrise on Lake Powell.

Al scouts for that perfect beaching site
while the houseboat inmates trail behind, awaiting orders.

Judy helps Al
Judy helps Al with his scouting venture.

amazing beauty
What is one of the most remarkable experiences of houseboating is the feeling of being so close to amazing beauty.

treasure sights
Hikers find treasure sights.

More treasure sights

scale of grandeur
The scale of grandeur.

Remarkable sandstone
 (?) formations
Remarkable sandstone (?) formations. Rob's efforts produced some very lovely photos.

Cheryl and Judy
At Dangling Rope Marina - Cheryl and Judy.

dumping job
Waiting for the houseboat to dock for that dumping job.
How ironic that such a loathsome task should take nearly two hours.

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